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'Silicon Destiny' is a 260 page history of Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASIC's) through 1992 complete with 8 pages of photos.  While now out of print, the complete book is available on-line from Google at no cost.  Just go to Google Books.

The 3+ hour documentary 'The Fairchild Chronicles' covering the history of the original Fairchild Semiconductor is now available on this site in streaming video here. Click here for the transcript.
There is a "second feature" on the Chronicles. Starting at time 182 is a presentation made by Rob Walker at the 2007 Fairchild @ 50 reunion. It is titled 'How Fairchild invented ASIC and CAD, then denied it ever happened'.

The four hour documentary 'The Microprocessor Chronicles' covers the technical and business decisions of microprocessor development through 2006.
It is available in American DVD format from Amazon for $29.95.